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Family fun

Dear friends, May half term is already upon us and the long summer holidays are just around the corner, meaning there is a whole lot of family fun to be had over the next few weeks/months.  If you want to be as unpredictable as … Continue reading

Holidays fit for the Queen

Since ascending to the throne in 1952, Queen Elizabeth II has undertaken trips to more than 120 countries, from closely connected members of the Commonwealth to less expected parts of the planet, making her by far the most travelled monarch in British history … Continue reading

Go with the flow…

  Last month we escaped a rather bleak northern hemisphere; both in terms of weather and headlines, to the seemingly unspoilt “Lost World” of the Lower Zambezi in Zambia. After a week visiting the camps along the banks of the mighty … Continue reading

Just back from….Namibia

With a population of 2 million in a country the size of the UK and France combined, there is no better place than Namibia to escape for unpolluted skies, dramatic scenery and vast remoteness; the kind that gives you goosebumps when it finally … Continue reading

Our guests’ guide to Tanzania

Dear friends, This month we’re shining the spotlight on Tanzania - a country whose varied and plentiful National Parks, award-winning safari lodges and tropical Indian Ocean islands make it one of our favourite destinations for an all encompassing holiday or honeymoon.  But rather … Continue reading

Giles and Katy

‘I cannot tell you how perfect the trip was in every way. There were so many highlights in terms of what we saw and did, but we have to say that the people we met contributed greatly to the experience.’