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Things we learned at the ‘We Are Africa’ Opening Conference, 5 May 2014

Earlier this month we were privileged to be part of the inaugural ‘We Are Africa’ conference which was hosted in style at Cape Town’s iconic Greenpoint Stadium.  550 African specialist agents, leading global press and well-qualified exhibitors came together for 4 days of pre-scheduled meetings, productive seminars, ‘lively’ networking parties and an inspiring opening conference.  In this blog, we share some of the thought-provoking quotes which we scribbled down in the opening conference;

“We Are Africa created the “tribe” to encourage communication and work towards a shared goal”, Serge Dive

“One rhino is lost every 8 hours in Africa”

“Africa is world’s 2nd largest continent, but receives only 5% world’s tourism”, Graham Boynton

“Chinese were the top tourist arrivals in the Mara in 2013, see this as a positive – people protect what they see”, Michael Power

“Over the next 30-40 years Africa will industrialise, we will have to work harder to protect areas”, Michael Power

“Extraordinary outcomes often come from a single human being”, Rob Caskie

“Ethiopia has fastest growing number of millionaires in Africa…it’s time to get rid of the cliches”, Michael Power

“Live your life how you would like to be remembered and think of the impact we can make on our client’s lives”, Rob Caskie

On the creation of the conservancies in the Mara; “I have seen hope. It is possible to reverse the negatives i.e. impact of mass tourism”, Jackson Ole Looseiya

“Protecting Africa’s wildlife requires a single voice, we need a single body to represent tourism”, Blessing Munyenyiwa

Thank you to Serge Dive and his fantastic army of organisers for another innovative and motivating week, we consider ourselves very fortunate to work with such dedicated and passionate people.