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We appreciate that holidays are MORE About HAVING fun than environmental lectures. But we also find that THE lodges and hotels that make every effort to have a positive impact on their local communities and environment almost always provide the best possible experience for their guests. 




As people who are passionate about the world’s most remote and wild places, we care about their protection.  Many of the places we’re fortunate enough to experience and send our clients to wouldn’t be there without the work of conservationists. More than that, the very act of setting up tourism operations deep in the savannah or bush requires sustainable thinking.  Sally and Alice Travel Co. support The Long Run,  a UK registered Charity founded by Jochen Zeitz, that helps accommodation owners around the world become more sustainable through the 4Cs; conservation, community, commerce and culture. Long Run members seek to excel by following the highest standards of sustainability in tourism based conservation benchmarked by the Long Run Global Ecosphere Retreats®.




Synonymous with safari adventures for over 100 years, Kenya is home to some of the most conservation-minded camp and lodge owners. Among our own portfolio of properties in Kenya are Long Run members Segera, Cottars 1920s Camp, Borana, Sasaab and Kicheche Camps. Founded by Johan Zeitz in 2005, Segera is one of the forefathers of the Long Run’s 4Cs. The 50,000-acre ranch offers guests luxury experiences alongside committed conservation efforts, some of which guests can get involved in, like planting indigenous trees and tracking the endangered patas monkey. Borana has poured huge efforts into partnering with the local community; getting local buy-in for conservation efforts has been fundamental to their success in protecting black rhinos.  Cottars 1920’s Camp has helped to preserve over 6,600 acres of acacia forests, with the help of the local community, and more than 40% of employees are from the Maasai.  The intimate Kicheche Mara Camp is designed to leave no trace on the environment and finally an honourable mention to Campi Ya Kanzi which is not only 100% solar powered but involves the local Maasai community in every aspect of the business in order to preserve the wildlife, as well as the people and their culture. 

South Africa

With a chequered history and staggering geography, there’s a lot about South Africa that needs careful stewardship. We like to work with properties and tour operators that are responsible when it comes to local communities and the environment. Nestled amongst one of the most diverse floral kingdoms in the world, Long Run member Grootbos is as committed as it gets, which makes the luxury experience it offers guests all the better. Since 1991 Michael Lutzeryer has transformed 6,100 acres of neglected farmland into an exemplary responsible tourism business whose leadership has contributed to the protection of over 100,000 acres of Fynbos; luxury lodges sit alongside projects run by the Grootbos Foundation — a horticulture school, football foundation and organic farm, for starters. luxury lodges sit alongside projects run by the Grootbos Foundation — a horticulture school, football foundation and organic farm, for starters.  Just down the road, Mosaic Lagoon Lodge has cleared acres of alien species to let the indigenous plants thrive (reap the benefits by tasting their amber gin) and actively employs from the local community.  Our Cape Town home-from-home More Quarters helps disadvantaged people through More Community projects and up in Swartland, Bartholomeus Klip uses their conservation experience to educate local school kids. 


Namibia is the kind of place that gets under your skin; it’s wild and hard to tame, making experiences all the rawer.  The eerie landscapes that fire our imaginations as visitors to Namibia are the result of the harsh climate and dry conditions both animals and humans fight for survival in. Here, the conflict between communities and wildlife has always been complex one, making committed sustainable tourism even more important. A founding Long Run member, Wolwedans is one of the most celebrated luxury, sustainable accommodations in the world — its purpose has always been to safeguard and support the NamibRand Nature Reserve and to date it’s contributed over $1.5 million to that cause. In north-western Namibia, Wilderness Safari’s Desert Rhino Camp has partnered with local community groups to protect the black rhino, which is endangered due to poaching. 


Mozambique’s fragile coral islands make up one of most unique eco-systems in the world, which is what makes this part of the world so special. One of our preferred properties is Long Run member Vamizi Island in the remote Quirimbas Archipelago, where a locally designed lodge helps to support the conservation efforts of the Vamizi Marine Conservation Research Centre. By staying in Vamizi Lodge our clients have a direct and positive impact on the 180 unbleached coral species and the local communities in need of reliable sources of income.  Rather than confining our clients to one resort, we always encourage people to travel around the region — Unesco world heritage site Ilha de Mozambique provides the perfect opportunity to explore the country’s myriad of cultures and Ibo Island Lodge is a great base from which to explore marine life the eco-way, by kayak or traditional dhow.