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During the long, dark days of winter, it can sometimes seem that the only answer is SELF-DENIAL or hibernation. But there are alternative and infinitely more exotic ways to boost one’s wellnesS...Below are just some of our favourite destinations and wellness retreats that will help you feel ready to face reality with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.  




Vana is a contemporary luxury hotel designed to pinpoint every element of wellness, focusing on wellness cuisine, meditation, yoga, nutritional cuisine lessons, music and treatments. It’s the closest you’ll get to a contemporary ashram, with modern day luxuries, and incorporating nature into healing. For those looking to combine a little wellness in to a Rajasthani journey, Amanbagh, nestled in the Araveli Hills is just the ticket. An oasis of wellbeing offering holistic therapies and treatments to sooth body and mind. For a more transforming immersion they have three paths of wellness – Ayur, which means ‘life’ in Sanskrit, Rejuvenate, a programme to strengthen the Ayurvedic senses, improve memory and boost physical endurance and lastly Purify, a programme to help prevent disease, eliminating toxins and improve immunity. The Oberoi Wildflower Hall in Shimla offers a seven-night yoga and meditation programme to refresh, restore and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit, and when you’re not practicing your sun salutations you’ll be out walking through the sweet-smelling pine and cedar forests.  If you’re in need of a detox but don’t have much time to spare traveling then Shreyas is a stone’s throw from Bangalore airport and is ideal for those looking to dedicate time to yoga and wellness.


Wildfitness runs transformative fitness holidays designed to change your body and your approach to fitness, located in some of the world’s most stunning natural places. The week-long retreat that runs in Zanzibar covers all aspects of the Wildfitness philosophy but is also a rollercoaster of outdoor experience that will leave you feeling energised, inspired and with a new confidence in your body's ability. The schedule is packed with workshops, movement classes and adventurous training. By the end of the week you will feel your body changing and will have learnt the basic tools to transform your training, eating and attitude when you return home. Did we mention this retreat isn't all hard work? You'll be staying in the gorgeous Zanzibar White Sand Resort and Spa, a peaceful sanctuary situated on Paje Beach which is considered one of the best beaches on the island as well as being one of the best spots for kite surfing. 


Designed to be Sri Lanka's first luxury contemporary sustainable resort, Tri is nestled on the emerald shores of Koggala Lake on the island's south coast. The whole hotel is designed around spirituality and stimulating both mind and body, Tri's entire philosophy is based on celebrating and cultivating its local surroundings - from the sleek, modern architecture with living walls and recycled wood, to the ingredients used in its kitchen. Activities on offer include specialised yoga retreats with the experienced Yoga teacher Lara Baumann who developed Quantum yoga – a dynamic flowing exercise that resonates with your abilities and balancing your inner nature. Further north in Hill Country, the magical four-villa retreat Living Heritage Koslanda is the perfect hideaway for those looking to escape our increasingly fast-pasted world. Sitting in a beautiful forest grove aptly named ‘Devianga Kale’ – ‘God’s Forest – the site is known for its remarkable beauty and sacredness, and during your stay here you can visit pristine waterfalls, Buddhist relics and the sacred town of Kataragama.


With religion comes meditation in Bhutan, and spirituality is a byword in the culture and day to day living. Here, the COMO Properties COMO Uma Punakha and COMO Uma Paro bring a wealth of holistic and Asian-inspired treatments including Ayurveda to restore the body to its natural balance. Both hotels host a number of yoga retreats throughout the year as well as teaching the healing powers of meditation / pranayama through traditional practice. Their world famous Como Shambhala Spas soothe and nurture aches and pains and traditional hot stone baths, warmed with mineral rich stones restores the body. Simply being surrounded by mountains and flanked by pine forests is enough to energise the soul but through practice, organic eating and breathing in the clear Himalayan air you’ll feel calm, rested and ready to take on the world again. 



With the stress and stains of modern day life, notably the extensive use of modern day gadgets, it’s no wonder the soul and body pines for restoration - we know just the places around the world to help regain your inner balance.